Toilet Paper alternative currency exchange rates kick ass

If Coronavirus Assholes Panic Crazies have squeezed you out of the toilet paper market

Remember that even if there’s an International travel ban, you can still spend your hard earned greenbacks down at any International foreign exchange bank, and probably even make out big time on what has been such a crappy deal up until now… Just consider that

One US Dollar will buy you four hundred nineteen (419) Iranian 100 Rial Bank Notes.

Iranian banknotes aren’t worth shit

We’re note sure how soft, absorbent or gritty they might be, whether there might be small grains of sand, bits of camel hair or perhaps even trace elements of ass destruction, but if all you’re looking to do is wipe some shit off something then the IRR looks like

a good buy at any ply…

Pride, power and the US Dollar still work around the world, baby…

Wipe out the Toilet Paper Hordes today… Krapitalism rules…


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