Krapchat: real people, with serious and real emotional defects

Sporting events with no audience, I’m getting used to it.
  • Bill Purkins Reminiscent of the 1966 Yankees.
  • Thomas Aitken I’ve always preferred watching football on tv. You go to the game you miss most of the action.
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  • Thomas Aitken And there’s the parking, 8 dollar beer, and the line for the men’s room.
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  • Randy Erb It’s my HEAVEN, actually…It was a Twilight Zone episode. I always wanted to attend events with a crowd and then have them ALL disappear after the event ended. HEAVEN.
    • Bill Purkins Randy Erb Oddly, every time I imagine you at any kind of event I always assume that it ends being broken up by the police, most of the attendees being hauled away in a large motor vehicle, chained to an axle by the pelvic bone.
    • Thomas Aitken Bill Purkins I went to a Metallica concert over thirty years ago and I was still the oldest person there.
    • Randy Erb Bill Purkins Only 1/2 the time!!! LMFAO!!!
    • Bill Purkins Randy Erb Okay, I can easily conjure an image of you negotiating a plea deal at the stroke of midnight as your alleged victim turns of consenting age. Oh, you would have made a great advance man for Mr. Epstein back in the day.

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