San Francisco fights back against Coronavirus – Krapchat gets some dirty needling in on the shitty city by the sea’s wench of the stench, Speaker of the Shithouse

To relieve shortages of toilet paper caused by hoarding during the Coronavirus panic,

the City of San Francisco is distributing a limited edition collectible set of absorbent 2-faced perforated rolls of the most memorable words of Nancy Pelosi ever spoken on the House floor,

with additional sheets containing numerous selected drunken outbursts in saloons and slurs flung at reporters to fill out the slim content of the official record, much of which it has been deemed by the editors not even appropriate to even wipe one’s ass with.

To offset the cost, a donation of $2,000 dollars to Ms. Pelosi’s 2020 re-election campaign is asked, and or whatever the legal limit is for an individual, as we can’t figure it out. If you are a corporation, please contact appropriate party(ies) for going exchange rates of post election US dollars at current (CIA/FBI partner approved only) Cartel laundered exchange rates for either new or existing Wells Fargo, Bitcoin, and or select Caribbean bank accounts, or, ask for information on limited PayPal fiend to fiend or rider votes pay as you go 99% discount favors with untraceable sliding scale common stock kickback rules in effect for the 2021 Congress.

Or, if you will be shitting on the streets within her district, autographed copies are also available, with her likeness on them, and these are free, under the good faith assumption that you will be wiping your ass with it, which is worth it, don’t you think?

Made possible by those who lament the continued stench of the shitty city by the sea, and the wench who sits on her throne while the nation moans.

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