Russia sets worldwide example ignoring strict nationalism on Coronavirus concerns?

Surprises abound around this 😷 sick, sneezing, tired & grumpy global snot 🏭 factory as nations fling racial and partisan shade & blame for the health & economic woes disrupting frustrated governments worldwide from stealing from the people, regardless of their ideological & political models of how to keep the common people down.

“You know what I’m sayin? Shit. Capitalist, communist, socialist or even some dirty ole fart in goatskin tighty whities on top of some half assed hill contemplatin’ his last bowel movement still deserves the freedom to wipe. Comma dammit,”

said one Russian diplomat who smelled like, well… Consider this news source, read upwind maybe. Shit. Hard times.

Not impressed? Consider this amazing story from CNN almost approaching journalism even with a photograph and headline actually acknowledging a seemingly honest account of Coronavirus cases so far known of, along with a well framed and heartstring tugging photograph of two apparent citizens wearing protective masks but also emphasizing that it’s not just their own Russian people suffering, but also at least two known Coneheads as well. Sonofabitch it took how many f*****g words to get that joke? Probably lost most you. WTF.

Screenshot from a CNN story on Google News.


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