Safe Frottage Foot Jobs office, to be under the joint guidance of CDC, PLANNED PARENTHOOD & THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR

Biden administration to fund study for new government office for subsidized #SafeFrottageFootJobs office, to be under the joint guidance of CDC, PLANNED PARENTHOOD & THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, with a wide range of benefits for the American people. To begin with, it will involve landmark legislation that will legalize and encourage #Frottage, specifically in the form of mutual footjobs between consenting adults of any variety of genders that can maintain the minimum social distancing 6-ft boundary between masked participants, and if you use your imagination, unless you’ve got a couple of midgets trying to get each other off, most people are tall enough where this can be achieved. There is a study underway that will be determining whether or not a limited form of legalized prostitution to said footjobs might not generate enough revenue in the form of taxes to funds the entire government effort and possibly even turn a profit. Additionally, thousands of new jobs will be created.

On the downside, more people may be going barefoot and there may be indeed to bail out the footwear industry, with talks already of several billion going to Nike and other high end sneaker companies professional athletes and rap stars.

In addition, a huge boost in sales of foot sanitizer is to be expected, also expected to generate tax dollars, and clinical studies are already underway to see the healthcare implications costs and coverages and mandatory testing rules for things like hoof and crotch disease. It is expected that Medicaid Medicare and the affordable Care act will all cover free testing and no copay.

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