From CMONMAN Central: Biden revokes military trans-gender ban

This is from a screenshot on Google news, a CBS news story which gave us the idea for this otherwise CBS has nothing to do with this post which happens to be satirical by the way. Copyrighted material of CBS news we have nothing to do with and appreciate that we believe we are allowed to take a screenshot and then show it on our own website considering we took it with our own cell phone an Android by the way we got a good deal. So thanks CBS for your wonderful news reporting and keep up the work, Uncle Joe.

An unnamed source, Navy Seal, Furrie, Hair & Makeup Liason Officer, who wished to remain anonymous but suddenly broke out into song and dance announcing his her their (whew) identification with the great multi-talented and sadly no longer with us great entertainer, the one and only Sammy Davis Jr (who HAPPENED TO HAVE BEEN OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE and only had one eye) citing his marvelous hit song:

I Gotta Be Me 

NOTE: I and Eye are both Gender non-specific and homonyms.

Anyway, revealed our undisclosed yet bubbling over with enthusiasm confidential source, at this point in the interview deciding that they wanted to be referred to as Sargeant SlaughTay, and subsequently being informed that there was no official rank of Sergeant in the Navy, suddenly broke into tears and demanded some Xanax.

Confusion broke out and suddenly a PA system began blaring out instructions that the premises were to be vacated as the base had been defunded by an executive order just signed by President Biden and as a result our in-depth coverage ends here cuz if I’m not getting paid you guys can all go fu

In a related story, it has been announced that until further notice, Fridays on US military bases will have a relaxed atmosphere and for the time being will be known as


Go to war in your pajamas days.


Optionally, sweatpants may be worn at half staff.






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