*satire but pretty damn ironic?* BIDEN TELLS IMMIGRANTS NOT TO COME statement misinterpreted?

Come on man give me a break revisited, what’s next? A new wall on the Texas Mexico border but this time it will be insulated so both the six flags State and the kids in cages don’t freeze! And as far as the DON’T COME STATEMENT? What Biden meant to say but he got a little confused and nervous actually talking to the press was that he left out that there would be free condom distribution in Mexico so these immigrants wouldn’t have those kids to begin with and then we wouldn’t have to put them in the cages. It’s completely different, don’t you see

Unbelievable. This is a screenshot we got off of Google News thanks so much guys it looks like it’s a Fox news story about President Biden’s interview with ABC news where he tells immigrants not to come because it’s a difficult time for the us and it sure is. However? Is it not feasible that he might actually rebuild the wall and or perhaps put in some foam insulation which would actually be a pretty smart idea so it would be kind of like a border mask you know what I’m saying? What a brilliant idea Joe! Now admittedly, he said it a lot nicer then Donald Trump ever did, but you got to remember the Trump is an abrasive, arrogance bully where is Joe is just a traditional old career political criminal. Otherwise they probably get along fine. Pick your poison folks this is what we have to deal with. Anyway, so the graphic that you see here is a screen print of the Fox news story that we saw on Google News so go to Google News if you’re concerned about copyright ©️ perhaps cuz we don’t know this is just here to make you laugh and Lord knows we need to laugh these days don’t we? In any case? Joe, we wish you luck, and the only suggestion we have for your upcoming first official press conference? Maybe a list of vocabulary words to study beforehand?

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