*BreakingBullkrapchit* NO ONE investigating HOAX plot to not give a f*** about anything Mark Zuckerberg ever says about ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING again

FBI, State / Federal authorities, religious leaders, Wall Street wizards, jizzlane Maxwell’s toe-jam curator, not even the guy at Major League baseball who signs the express written consent documents… These are just some of the people who may or may not exist we don’t have any idea and that we did not make any attempt to contact because basically nobody gives a f***.

I dare you I daily double f****** triple dare you. Walk up to anybody on the street in New York and ask some very nicely do you give a f*** of anything Mark Zuckerberg ever says again and it probably I don’t know what they do cuz I don’t care either. You want to buy a watch? Nice shoes 👟👟 wanna f***? You get a gender preference? I don’t. I have a big f****** tattoo on my ass got a bunch of checkboxes on it. Give me five bucks I’ll let you throw lawn darts at it…


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