and the shit is:

Why am I here? Why are YOU here? WTF is this?

yeah, your fault. you said some krap that made someone say some krap back and now it’s too kool for faceberg facebook BrickInTheFace or UpSideYourHead Mr. F***erberg, and it’s time to take this shit to Krapchat.com


mention the name of

fattrucker pull no punch drink no mio tell what it is and if you no like you go fukkatrukka he’s right he’s caw caw whitebird cajun asian wonderbread

mr. brown dress best for a strip poker game but he leave his hat out of courtesy maybe take it off to cover something slightly more unsightly than the kinda krap people throw in your lap when freedom proceeding gets put on hold while the hearings all you say you can see until http://2020startupvisions.com maybe becomes number one website for entrepeneurial campaign jive goodnight america we’re in for a YEAR OF FEAR, don’t drink don’t smoke just vote vote VOTE and in chicago be all you can be in the voting booth as many times as you can, quasimodo vote your hump off, in the sanctuary city

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