Advice and life coaching from the #BaconMuffinMan

Ask your questions below in the comments section and the bacon muffin man will try to answer. The bacon muffin man might not try very hard but we’re not promising anything, and no bacon was hurt in baking these promises. So when life treat you like a pig, make bacon, man. While the sun shines. Hey. Wait a minute mr. Postman. Why did you ring twice the Price is right or wrong I’ll Always Love You Like a Rock Me Gently Rock Me slowly I turn, Niagara Falls, step by step, inch by inch take it easy baby show me that you’re liking it Don’t Come Easy.
#billpurkinswrites is the #BaconMuffinMan at

Every month, designates a distinguished intellectual Giant to fill the role of the prestigious person in our organization who will fill the role of #baconMuffinMan, our version of a know-it-all, seen it all, don’t understand a damn bit of it all, loudmouth opinionated arrogance Politically Incorrect, socially inept, illiterate, belligerent, fill in the friggin blanks why don’t you yourself so we can get on with this, and as soon as I hit my word count I’m out of here. It’s Sunday afternoon nearly four and I got something to do. So here’s a little space fill in the skill set that you would like #baconmuffin man to have, and we have no shame in telling you that we don’t give a damn whether or not whoever we slip in here for a month meet your expectations, because if you knew exactly what you wanted chances are you would know the answer yourself already, but if you got a problem, maybe you need to make a little move you need a contact, our bacon muffin man probably has a contact he might know a guy who knows a guy or maybe she’s a lady who knows another lady or she’s got a cousin or an aunt about your age and you might get along. It takes all kinds, and while we try to be kind do you? You get what you pay for.
And that said? I think that’s 250 words and I am now

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