Woman eats 5.5lb, 3ft hot dog with 5,000 calories in 25 minutes





Kate says it was her longest food challenge to date


oh, shit, charlotte… i think we got a people problem in the attic you hear that krappy guitar player whodat

how many spiders you got? or do they got you? does play itsie bitsy spider by any chance?

Here is a list of those most likely to work as spider repellents:
  1. Basil. Basil Spider Repellent Plant. …
  2. Mint. Do Mint Plants Repel Spiders. …
  3. Lavender. Lavender Indoor Plant That Repel Spiders. …
  4. Lemon Balm. Lemon Balm Houseplant That Repels Spiders. …
  5. Rosemary. …
  6. Citronella (Lemongrass) …
  7. Eucalyptus.

    thank you for above

is it #billpurkinswrites or #billpurkinsmusician or wtf? make up your mind bill or that top hat got your head spinning because of the glitter?
mr. brown dress best for a strip poker game but he leave his hat out of courtesy maybe take it off to cover something slightly more unsightly than the kinda krap people throw in your lap when freedom proceeding gets put on hold while the hearings all you say you can see until maybe becomes number one website for entrepreneurial campaign jive goodnight america we’re in for a YEAR OF FEAR, don’t drink don’t smoke just vote vote VOTE and in chicago be all you can be in the voting booth as many times as you can, quasimodo vote your hump off, in the sanctuary city
how many spiders you got? or do they got you?



What is the lowest approval rating for any president? Historical comparison Order

we glommed this off a google search we did all credit goes to and we paged down  and clicked
ya gotta love these computers, eh?
looks like NOBODY likes ANY of these bastards…
Historical comparison
Order President Lowest approval
45 Trump 35 (10/29/17, 12/01/17)
44 Obama 38 (09/05/14)
43 G. W. Bush 25 (10/05/08, 10/12/08, 11/02/08)
42 Clinton 37 (06/06/93)

10 more rows


Urban Dictionary – berniebitcoin was published – well lookie here, we did it again…

berniebitcoin economy gonna take you higher and higher your hourly wage as the new middle of the road dead skunk yellow stripe down your back working for the man every night and day for such exuberational pay might just pay your way for the weed taxes that fuel the fires of the loose joint chiefs of hash purveyors moe and larry got you by the curlies and shemp got the hemp rope a dope check it out on snopes you don’t believe it or you think this is just krapchat?

Urban Dictionary – berniebitcoin was published


7:34 AM (1 hour ago)

to me

Thanks for defining berniebitcoin!

Editors read your definition and decided to publish it on Urban Dictionary.

It should appear here soon:

Urban Dictionary



Noun – fictional

BernieBitCoin is a vaporous currency backed by Krapchat. It’s what you’re possibly left with after buying into the $15 an hour working minimum wage movement that some folks think is designed to make cat food the national dish of the American Middle Class.

“Daddy, I’m hungry, what’s for dinner?”
“Go ask your other Daddy. I’m the mama Daddy. We have a half a can of cat food. You want something else, cough up some BernieBitCoin or get a job.”


ADVERTISEMENT – krapchat autographed approved EASY GRIP POOP SCOOPER w 50 Bags Easy Pet last one only one holy Krapchat krapman

unreal deal from last one only one box is beat up as is but we will really autograph it.

krapchat autographed & approved EASY GRIP POOP SCOOPER
w/ 50 Bags Easy Pet
this is the ONLY krapchat approved pooper scooper you can buy! if you are tired of all the krapchat in the world and you walk a pet and feel an obligation to keep the streets clean like any decent american citizen wshould, why not use the only appproved and endorsed and even autographed by the fictitious mr. brown of krapchat fame and show your support and krapchat even donates 10% of the purchase price (not shipping and handling) to charity… we take enough krapchat from our political system, fight back and take back america by voting for the candidates of your choice and make your voice heard through freedom of speech, which gives us so many blessings in america and one of the greatest is
the RIGHT TO DISAGREE peacefully…
dishing it out now with the latest scoops… If you SEE KRAP? SAY KRAP! and if you walk your dog pick up your crap. And if you live in San Francisco and crap on the street? Well I guess you’re on your own and the rest of America has to pay to clean you up. Vote. Look at the bottom of your shoes and vote. We don’t care who you vote for either they’re all full of crap so if you’re going to pick up your crap or your dog’s crap you might as well give us a couple of bucks to help us give you the real scoop on the poop.#krapchat
this item is new but we open the box and check to make sure it is all there for you and then we autograph the box for you on behalf of the fictitious mr. brown of krapchat fame

the brown badge of gutless courageous kat krap and minutiae mouseketeers annette funicello where are you when we need you?


Did you mean: crapchat? – No. If we meant crapchat, we would have SAID crapchat.

We said krapchat, and we meant krapchat because if you say what you mean there remains the slight chance that someone, in a land far far away perhaps, albeit farther than the speed of light can possibly/theoretically travel in your lifetime might allow for you to reap any social, financial or spiritual benefit from, might actually interpret and understand it as it was intended, good luck, as opposed to what might come out the other end of today’s generally lauded golden age of miscommunication where some f****** a**hole who codes with one bony finger pointing at a process flow on a glass walled stall in a multi layered multi gender public lavatory bring your ferret to work boiler room hollywood square styled sweat lodge on a venus themed or some other gaseous wasteland agile workspace works a 39.5 hour 2 day week for $15.01 (he/she//it’s, sorry we only got so much room and vision here, but pick a gender any fucking gender, oh sorry, did we let that one slip? well fuck US!) an hour but only in our delusional feeble little noncomprehending minds might mean what? Might we net 1099 in #BernieBitCoin after paying union dues off the top for the privilege of campaigning for him and what if he loses? note: we googled “krapchat.” at something like 6 in the morning on Sunday, 2019/11/17, and then this happened, and what you see above is a print screen of the google chrome image we saw on our monitor/display/screen/wtf and it doesn’r print the f****** screen okay, it just captures a bitmap image of the f****** stuff that you see ON the screen and puts it in your clipboard and then to actually print that you have to go through we have no idea how many actual layers to make it come out on what we generally experience here on a flatland style 8 x 10 piece of something we used to call paper now possibly known as a crime against some f****** tree species, maybe google “tree abuse class action lawsuits sub-gender specific” but don’t do that if you have oak furniture OKAY!Did you mean: crapchat


Does a Dollar Tree DEA Drug War Rage Amidst Steady Pricing on Socks and Canned Goods?

We think not nor even know WTF that eben means… Meanwhile…

All content below this link text is sourced from the link that you can’t click here oh yes you can click it hang on I’ll see if we can make this Facebook like thing work I got I hope I don’t mess this up …

FDA issues warning to Dollar Tree about selling ‘potentially unsafe drugs’

By Jacqueline Howard, CNN

Updated at 9:58 PM ET, Thu November 14, 2019

(CNN) — The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning letter to Dollar Tree for receiving over-the-counter drugs produced by foreign manufacturers that have been found to be adulterated, including acne treatment pads and Assured brand drugs.

Related Article: FDA targets illegally marketed dietary supplements

The letter — sent earlier this month to Greenbrier International Inc., which does business as Dollar Tree — describes Dollar Tree’s receipt of adulterated drugs from manufacturers and suppliers that had received separate FDA warning letters last year and were placed on “import alert.”

The letter outlines “multiple violations” of manufacturing practices at those contract manufacturers used to produce Dollar Tree’s Assured Brand over-the-counter drugs as well as other drug products sold at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores.

Now, in its warning letter to Dollar Tree, the FDA is requesting that the company implement a system to ensure that it does not import adulterated drugs.

Related Article: FDA warns Canadian company about distributing ‘potentially dangerous’ drugs in US

“Americans expect and deserve drugs that are safe, effective and that meet our standards for quality. The importation and distribution of drugs and other products from manufacturers that violate federal law is unacceptable,” Donald D. Ashley, director of the Office of Compliance in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, said in a news release on Thursday.

“In this case, Dollar Tree has the ultimate responsibility to ensure that it does not sell potentially unsafe drugs and other FDA-regulated products to Americans,” he said. “We will remain vigilant in our efforts to protect the U.S. public from companies who put the health of Americans at risk — whether through the manufacturing and distribution of products we regulate or other means.”

In response, the Dollar Tree company, which operates stores under the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar brands, said that it is cooperating with the FDA and plans to meet with the agency.

“We are committed to our customers’ safety and have very robust and rigorous testing programs in place to ensure our third-party manufacturers’ products are safe,” Randy Guiler, vice president of investor relations at Dollar Tree, said in a company statement on Thursday.

“Each of the items referenced in the report are topical, and not ingestible, products. As always, we are cooperating with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We plan

If you want to read the rest of the article and we think it’s really interesting why the hell don’t you scroll back up and hit the link okay?


american newsdeath AP terrorism copyandpasties teats perfect hair teeth is dan rather selling his trenchcoat?

‪I can remember a time when papers reported the entire story as factually as possible and let readers decide

what are you 121 years old? That’s Satanic. 120 max. Read the Bible. Genesis somethin:somethin somebodyt google that before we publish this. we’re out of coffee? shit. this #voicewreckignition sucks check the urbane dictionary sonofabitch who wrote that? whyt WE did or #billpurkinswrites… cutting friggin edge once again…
from facebook we glommed this…
J***  G**** · ‪I can remember a time when papers reported the entire story as factually as possible and let readers decide, and in the middle of the paper there was an ‘editors opinion’ now the ‘editors opinion’ is the front page news and the fully reported story doesn’t exist.‬ So sad to see America come to this, no reliable avenues for important information

#americannews is indeed #dead. there ARE no more #reporers. ap does everything and the majors just #copyandpaste then show off their tits or their perfect hair and teeth. no one even owns a #trenchcoat anymore. #danrather sold his on #etsy i think.Edit or delete thisLike · Reply ·

Why am I here? Why are YOU here? WTF is this?
yeah, your fault. you said some krap that made someone say some krap back and now it’s too kool for faceberg facebook BrickInTheFace or UpSideYourHead Mr. F***erberg, and it’s time to take this shit to



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