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Welcome to, perhaps the final stand of freedom of speech left in a politically correct America where you can’t speak your mind without fear of losing your job or getting your tires slashed for something as simple as telling a joke. 

Why are you here? If you’re looking to show off your cat, your kids, or your dick? Go back to Facebook, Instagram or whatever fucked up hook-up site you jerk off at. Yes, you will be able to post pictures and videos and memes on krapchat, but we’re primarily about WORDS here. And ideas. If you want interesting conversations, drastically opposed opinions, fiercely argued debate with no restrictions on language or political correctness? Or if you’re just here to laugh and hear or tell the kind of jokes you can’t tell in America anymore, you’re in the right place. 

Got an unpopular opinion? Put it on We don’t give a shit. But please, no slander, libel or hate crime, ’cause we’ll just give you the rest of your money back and ban you from the site if you go over the line. You pay your own dues, you take your own chances. If you turn out to be some real sicko or a huge enough asshole that it gets you in trouble? Not our problem. We ain’t stickin’ our neck out for nobody. We just won’t censor you while you’re here.

How it works:

Anyone 18 or over can read without being a member. We call these anonymous nobodys, “anonymous nobodys.” Because this is America, they can freely make short comments and cast opinion votes, but they will be known as comments and opinion votes from “an anonymous nobody in” wherever their IP address tells us their Internet connection is and they can only make one comment a day based on that IP address. This rule may change.

Free members can read all content, make short comments and cast opinion votes and will be listed by their screen name, “free member” and geographical location on their profile. And as of 23July2019, free members in sanctuary states will be permitted to write their submissions to krapchat in either chalk or their own feces on any sidewalk they might be shitting on at the time, alternate side of the street pooper scooper laws may apply, see local regulations, not a redeemable coupon.

Paid members can post topics, make long comments, create opinion polls and cast opinion votes. They will be identified as “paid members, not afraid to put their money where their mouth is.”

Theoretically, since we don’t expect anyone to be stupid enough to use their real name for their screen name, not much of this matters, other than as a clever psychological ploy on our part to get some of you cheap bastards to pay us.

NOTE: The opinions expressed on by its users, whether casual, free or paid members, do not necessarily represent those of, because, we don’t really give a fuck, we just want your money. Our contribution back to society in OUR OPINION is that if someone is truly an asshole, they’ll be called out as such by mob mentality, or at least a few brave souls. bottom line though, we’re just here to make a few bucks, though we reserve the right to make an editorial comment or express an opinion on the site whenever and wherever we choose, because, it’s OUR site, and you really don’t have any rights at all, other than those granted to you by us under the following terms and conditions, which you must agree to before entering proper.

Terms and conditions: is a free and donation funded membership site. Anyone 18 or over can use the site. Anyone 18 or over who can legally and make a PayPal donation on the Internet can become a subscribing / supporting member. The recommended donation / subscription cost is $1.34 a year, but we’ll take anything. We take PayPal. Members can cancel at any time during their year and receive back absolutely nothing, not even the prorated value of their donation based on the number of full days left against a 365 day year. If a Leap Year is involved, February 29th is free, because we take the day off and celebrate NO KRAP day, not because we want to be nice to you and give you a free day, fuck that, but because we suck at math and don’t want to pay a programmer to do the funky calculation. Plus it makes us cool. Donating to gives you nothing more than the ability to sign on to the website with a user ID and password (IF the site is even working or not) and access and do whatever we allow you to do based on the options we present you at that time, which depend on whatever it is the site does at the time and whether you donate or not. In other words, what you see is what you get. There are no other guarantees. By using the site after reading these terms and conditions, you have effectively agreed to these terms and conditions. If you don’t understand these terms and conditions, go away and don’t come back. If it is illegal for you to use the site? Go away. Now. 

Electronic PINKY SWEAR:

“By checking this box AND / OR merely by proceeding to do anything further on this site, I agree to these terms and conditions:”

note: you can check and uncheck this little fucker all you want. we don’t  store your answer or if we do, we don’t give a shit what it is and we sure as fuck don’t know how to find it in this piece of shit wordpress feelgood look at me i’m a compooter engineer fuck you software engineers with your bony little gollum single finger typing and your goddam vegetarian sushi and agile teams and your fucking scrums and bring your dog to work and boil your cat for dinner wasteland of a content management system farce. Join a fucking bowling league and write a little program to keep scores and get back to us when you roll a 300.

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