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Vape-hoverboards may be in short supply as rumor of miracle flatulence based alternative energy source for personal urban transport hints at new mass transit even cross country and international travel potential

*** note krapchat does not endorse vaping. in fact, we don't smoke, don't drink, well we like that strawberry mio, but wtf, we just kicked sweet n lo. otherwise? we're adam friggin' ant, okay?

Could this send Bitcoin through the Port-a-Potty basement roof and anyone who gets a heads up on getting an early seat before the beer drinkers hit the head after this weekend’s football games? Well you never know, but highly unlikely, what do we really know. It’s a highly irregular business and with the Bratwurst sales what they are right now, everyone’s just enjoying the tang in the air, thank goodness it ain’t Summer, phew...

That’s what someone said, but you’d have to pull our finger right outta the socket to get us to tell you who said it. But look at this…

|||||| beginning of nathaniel hall’s cool stuff – HIS gig, we got NO relationship with the guy but we like his style…

check this dude out we found this on youtube © related to this video we have no clue must be this guy:
Nate420 286K subscribers SUBSCRIBE Where To Hide Your Vape • Snapchat ~ MrNathaniel123 • Instagram ~ Nate420 • MERCH ~ • MY SONGS ~ My name is Nate I’m a Canadian stoner and this is my life! Join my MEMBERS ONLY club 🔒 (25% off my shop + members only live streams)… For business or product reviews ect. Email me at: 18+ intended for adult users under Bill C-45
|||||| end of nathaniel hall’s cool stuff


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conspiracy theories economy entertainment huh? humor my krapchat new shit news okay? old shit Philosophy politically incorrect religion science serious krap serious shit sports the daily krap

why you should wait an hour after taking a bath before you go on the internet with your cell phone


krapchat the video phone betamax only – uncut footage of live action customer service at the speed of light work if you can get it.

see the video

video does not identify who the cell phone was bought from nor does it identify who the phone call was made to, nor where the music in the background came from. that is the voice of bill purkins, who may or may not have something to do with krapchat but he ain’t talking. therefore, no one’s reputation is being hurt here and if you would like to know the FULL story and actually have someone explain to you in an anecdotal non-malicious, non-slanderous, non-libelous fashion what company names were involved in this fiasco and the uglier side of this nearly ONE HOUR phone call, 54 minutes and change approximately, give or take a few seconds or maybe it was 56 minutes but it’s not worth checking right now, but if

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Jane Fonda arrested for acting badly

outcries citing statute of limitations believed will secure early release

An unidentified spokesperson for Ms Fonda could not be found, so we made this up:

“This is not only horrible, it is ridiculous, a total farce and clear incompetence…

” Jane has always been a horrible actress, why suddenly arrest her now? Certainly, the statute of limitations on most of her career has clearly passed, I mean what has she done lately, if anything at all?”

Much Ado About Nothing!

“She couldn’t handle Shakespeare I think?” And suddenly the non-existent interview was over.

A babbling Ms Fonda was not observed, or at least not babbling, highly doubtful she would speak to us anyway, and we weren’t there to begin with. So this is all just silly #krapchat, but you knew that when you navigated to the website, or didn’t you?

Because it’s Friday and we haven’t written much today we figured we’d just end the day by Googling whether or not Jane Fonda had ever done any Shakespeare and we did find this

Maybe we were wrong. While this article does not confirm that Jane Fonda has ever done Shakespeare, it does show that she believes it important to be associated with and or address people who do Shakespeare. The first paragraph the author of this article seems to indicate that she was more interested in talking about sewage, so maybe there is a possibility that she would subject yourself to an interview with krapchat, and as we all know from the Cyndi Lauper song Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Jane Fonda is certainly a girl and a good-looking one and a pretty smart one too… so here’s hoping  that you have a get out of jail card and or a good lawyer, Jane. If not? Let’s just hope there is not a class action suit for some of those early films.

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